Stay longer at home with Vitadomi

ETTERBEEK, November 4, 2021 - Vitadomi makes the lives of seniors more enjoyable by allowing them to live independently at home for a longer time in a safe, social and affordable way. The innovative system, developed by Electronic Design International, starts from the needs of seniors and reconciles technical and social aspects. In order to bring the prototype of Vitadomi to the market, the company started a crowdlending campaign with the Ghent investment platform WinWinner.

Aging and homebodies

By 2040, a third of the population will be over 65, according to the Federal Planning Bureau forecasts. That prediction represents a huge challenge for our healthcare system, which is already struggling to cope with the aging population.

At the same time, research shows that the baby boom generation does not want to move to a care institution at all, unless there is really no other option. Seniors prefer to continue to live in their own home, surrounded by friends and family. To this end, Electronic Design International offers Vitadomi an innovative solution that makes the lives of seniors more pleasant and relieves the burden on our care system.

Human approach

The company installs advanced home automation solutions in the senior's home and connects them to the Vitadomi app. “Which home automation solutions we install strongly depend on the needs of the resident. He decides for himself which aids he needs to safeguard his quality of life. The options are endless, such as smart home automation, 24/7 assistance and alarm systems and fall detection," says Rudy Cruysbergs, owner of Electronic Design International.

By creating a high-quality and safe living environment, Vitadomi not only helps the resident himself, but also his/her social circles. “Since family members often have concerns about the senior's safety, Vitadomi guarantees that they will be notified immediately if anything unusual happens,” explains Rudy.

Via pre-installed home automation solutions and with respect for privacy, the Vitadomi app monitors whether nothing goes wrong in the elderly home. In addition, medical care providers can integrate their own communication system into the app, so that doctors and other helpers can easily brief each other.

Growth plans

Thanks in part to the Innoviris subsidy by the Brussels-Capital Region, Electronic Design International has already been able to invest €770000 in the research and development of Vitadomi. In the meantime, the prototype is almost ready. To take further steps in Vitadomi's growth story, Electronic Design International started a crowdlending campaign at the investment platform WinWinner. The company hopes to raise a minimum of €65,000 and a maximum of €160,000 with the crowdlending campaign. “With the money raised, we want to market Vitadomi 1.0 and develop and integrate Al fall detection,” says Rudy.

In the meantime, the company has already raised €32,000. You can invest in Vitadomi's WinWinner campaign until December 18, 2021. More information can be found on the WinWinner platform.

Rudy Cruysbergs
Owner Electronic Design International

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With Vitadomi, Electronic Design International developed a system that ensures that seniors can live independently for longer in a safe, social and affordable way. The owner has more than 25 years of experience in care for the elderly and is working on this project together with UCL and Sirris and is subsidized by the Brussels-Capital Region – Innoviris

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