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Integrates existing smart home automation systems, 24/7 assistance systems and social  care.

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The new innovative solution of Vitadomi integrates existing smart home automation systems and 24/7 assistance systems with the medical caregivers, family, neighbours and other helpers to ensure that the senior can safely and comfortable continue to live alone at home surrounded by his social circles. With a handy app that intgrates the APIs of existing platforms, everyone is kept informed of everything, without compromising privacy.

Designed around the senior

The uniqueness of our system is that we start from the needs of the seniors themselves. Many different needs have been identified through extensive social studies at UCLouvain. Based on these needs, existing networks and home automation systems have been selected and integrated in 1 easy to follow and operate application on tablet, smartphone or PC.

Smart Home and support solutions

The best existing smart sensors to monitor life at home have been selected and integrated into 1 intelligent monitoring platform. This is done in a very secure and discreet way, so that the senior does not feel spied on. Vitadomi installs various sensors in the house or apartment of the senior in a smart hub, so that all locations are covered: fall detection, bed sensors, motion control, presence sensor, panic button, ...

If something happens, the indicated contact person or emergency centre is immediately notified so that immediate action can be taken, and this 24/7.

Well-being and comfort

Vitadomi puts people and the quality of communication around the elderly and their needs at the forefront of its solution. The risk of feeling or being lonely is a major problem for older people living alone. That is why Vitadomi seamlessly integrates all possible professional and social circles in 1 convenient place, so that the many different stakeholders are quickly and easily informed of the important matters in the life of the senior.

Easy app

The specially developed Vitadomi app for tablet, smartphone and PC is particularly user-friendly and can be consulted anywhere. The app integrates both the monitoring of the smart home sensors and the communication between all involved. The aplication synchronises with the APIs of other user platforms. In consultation with the senior, it is determined who may see which information. If the senior finds it difficult to use an app, communication with him or her is done by telephone.

The app will be available in App Store and Google Play Store in the near future.

Privacy & security

As a senior, you obviously do not want everyone to be able to see everything about your life at home. That is why the privacy rules and the setup of our IT system are very strict. All the information from the sensors deployed in your home is centralized on the Vitadomi mini-hub and only the information strictly necessary for the exchanges to which you have consented are shared with the specific persons entitled to receive them. The data is never used for commercial purposes, and the solution strictly respects your rights regarding your personal data (GDPR). Vitadomi's security solutions are based on the security expertise of research teams at UCLouvain and the SIRRIS research center.