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You want to continue to live in a save and comfortable way in your own home even at an advanced age. Surrounded by your family, friends and caregivers.

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Vitadomi involves all those who play a role in your life in your home care project. With the strictest respect for your choices and those of your caregivers in terms of privacy, Vitadomi allows you to inform, keep informed, and facilitate the coordination between the various stakeholders such as your children, your grandchildren, your brothers and sisters, but also your neighbors and friends and even the caregivgers such as your cleaning lady, your hairdresser or your neighborhood association.


You want to continue living in your own home even at an advanced age. You want to stay surrounded by your family and friends while ensuring your safety and comfort. You know that not only is it more pleasant to enjoy the comforts of your own home, but also that it is cheaper than staying in a nursing home. To ensure a safe stay at home, Vitadomi installs a set of smart sensors in your home that can detect very quickly if anything abnormal happens, and ensure that the necessary help arrives as soon as possible.

In addition to your safety, Vitadomi takes care of your comfort. Advanced home automation solutions help you, your caregivers and your family to ensure a quality living environment.



You want the best for your older family member. That he or she is safe in his or her own environment, but also that you know immediately if something unexpected happens so that action is instantly taken. With Vitadomi you receive 24/7 alarm signals, but you can also check whether everything is running smoothly in their daily life. Are there any medical issues that need to be monitored? Are the groceries done? Does the daily help come and does he has something to say?

With the Vitadomi app you can surround him or her with the best care, both medically and socially, and rest assured that everything is in order.

Medical providers

Your own professional communication systems are seamlessly integrated into Vitadomi, without breaching professional secrecy. This allows doctors and home care providers to easily communicate with each other, even without installing the Vitadomi app. With Vitadomi you can also exchange information with family, caregivers and other professional and non-professional care providers about matters that concern your patient.

Caregivers and other helpers

Do you come and keep the senior company from time to time? Are you doing some shopping or do you cook or clean? Are there any appointments? Has anything changed? Are there things you should know? Then this app is the ideal solution. You can easily monitor everything yourself, and you can also share your findings with the other parties involved.

Neighbours, friends, volunteers, associations

Your neighbour, friend or club member still lives at home all alone. It is important to surround him or her in a good way and to make sure that he or she does not become lonely. Maybe you van visit or help with simple things? Go to the library? Take out the trash? Go for a walk? Activities with the association? With Vitadomi you can easily keep in touch with the senior but also with the family. You don't want the Vitadomi app on your device? No problem, Vitadomi sends the information you want to receive by SMS.