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Vitadomi is a clever innovative system that ensures that seniors can live at a more advanced age independently at home in a safe, social and affordable way. With respect for the resident's privacy, the Vitadomi app is in contact with his/her broad social network. Via home automation solutions, the app keeps an eye on whether nothing goes wrong, and if it does, the system notifies the family and/or emergency services. Thus the senior has an enjoyable life and the family and caretakers are completely at ease.

We have developed Vitadomi together with the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) and Sirris (Agoria), with the support of the Brussels-Capital Region – Innoviris.

Great Investment opportunity

Invest from €500 via the classic crowd loan with a 8% return. Do you want to invest more than €5000? This is possible via the Proxi loan (Brussels region), which not only provides a good return, but also a 30% guarantee and tax benefits. 

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Invest in us via Crowdfunding

We are looking for additional financing to bring the prototype into this growing market. And we would like to receive your support in financing our ambition.

We have chosen the WinWinner crowdfunding platform. This has the advantage that you can opt for the 'classic' crowd loan, with investment amounts from €500 to €5000, with an annual interest of 8%. But if you want to invest more, you can do so via the Flemish Win-Win Loan. With this system you can invest from €5000 to €75000 with a 40% guarantee and tax benefits on top of a nice return.

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Invest in us, make a nice profit and make the older people's life more enjoyable.

What is crowd lending?
Crowdlending is a form of crowdfunding in which you, as a private individual or company, do not give the company donations, but a small loan (€500 to €5,000) for which you receive a nice interest in return.

What is the Proxi Loan?
The Proxi Loan is more aimed at friends and family who want to invest larger amounts (€5000 to €75000) and who currently also receive a government guarantee of 40% and tax benefits.

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Lending money to a company is risky. As an investor you run the risk that the amount borrowed cannot be repaid in whole or in part.