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3 associates work together to create the ultimate living at home experience.

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Vitadomi means living at home in Latin. And that is exactly what Vitadomi wants to do for you.

The increasing aging of the population is putting more and more pressure on the healthcare system. Existing care in residential care centres is under pressure and home care for seniors will become an increasingly important option. Research shows that this is usually the option that the seniors themselves prefer, if it can provide as much care and safe follow-up as in the retirement homes and that social isolation is avoided.

In order to provide an appropriate response, Vitadomi, with the support of Innoviris, has opted for an interdisciplinary research approach with specialists from social sciences and 'Smart' environments (Université catholique de Louvain), software development and integration (Electronic Design International) and data sharing and security (Sirris) in order to achieve a complete, simple and affordable solution. Vitadomi is currently under development and is not yet available on the market.

Electronic Design International

EDI, together with its subsidiary Electronic Design, has over 25 years of experience in care for the elderly. EDI ensures the integration of the social circles and the development of the system for a successful rollout.

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UCLouvain develops innovative  solutions for the platform. In addition, UCLouvain investigates the social aspects of this project. 

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Sirris (Agoria)

Sirris examines the technical and privacy aspects of the system.

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Project subsidized by the Brussels-Capital Region – Innoviris.

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Our partners


VP + is a group of companies of, for and with independent home nurses and other care providers in home health care  for nursing with a vision
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ASD Bruxelles

ASD Brussels offers help and home care whether you are ill, with a disability, elderly or parent, regardless of your health insurance.

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IoTec-AI is your partner for building the next-level smart devices.

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